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Our Engineering Services


E & M Services


Our team provides a wide range electrical & mechanical services covering electrical system design, installation, periodic inspection and regular maintenance of electrical installations (including WR2 submission) of commercial and residential buildings.


Smart Building Management


Smart Building Management System (SBMS) is an effective solution for facility managers to monitor and analyze energy consumption and usage trend of building. SBMS can facilitate identifying opportunity for optimising energy efficiency with cost savings.


Smart Sensors and Preventive Maintenance


The SBMS platform is capable to work with other sensors/controllers installed on lifts, escalators, HVAC equipment and other electrical installations for monitoring and/or controlling purposes, which can realise building automation and preventive maintenance by identifying incipient fault.


Power Quality Management

  We provide total solutions for power quality enhancement in buildings, covering consulting and installation services on power factor correction, lightning/surge protection and selection/ installation of voltage-dip ride through devices for lift and escalators motors. 


Green Energy Solutions

   We also provide feasibility study, design and installation services of solar systems in building roof. The related green energy data can be integrated into our SBMS for prediction and estimation of earnings from the Feed-in-Tariff schemes in Hong Kong. The solar generation can be shown in your public areas such as lift lobby and office reception area.